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Cyngor ar Bopeth Gwynedd Citizens Advice has been working with the Bangor University Law School to develop a project to ensure that local people have access to specialist legal advice, particularly in the fields of Employment, Family and Immigration.

The changes to Legal Aid in 2013 have left a significant gap. Although a recent Supreme Court decision has forced the Government to stop charging fees in employment tribunals, the lack of legal aid remains an issue for vulnerable people dealing with Employment and Family Law issues. There is a lack of immigration advice in North Wales and therefore we are seeking to tackle this as well.

Our initial focus will be on making sure that local people can secure advice on whether their case might be worth pursuing and if so, help them secure representation (including if necessary, representing them ourselves in court).

Our plan is to put together legally-qualified academics from Bangor University and Citizens Advice trained supervisors to support Law students and other volunteers to provide this advice.


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